Bringing Back the Blog

Hi there lovelies!

So there probably aren’t a ton of you out there who actually care, but for the handful of you who do care, I’m sorry!! I have been so bad at posting on this blog it’s like it doesn’t exist. And while I could blame it completely on how “I’m so busy” and “my life is so crazy”, which are true, there are also multiple fears and incomplete goals I’ve had about this. That’s all about to change, I’m dusting off my mental blogging shelf and throwing my thoughts out there! I had planned on waiting until after the new year to bring this back but I’m realizing that there’s no time better than the present! I’ll address the blog questions/fears/goals/etc in this post, and soon you can expect some actual posts.

Anywho, the following are my blog concerns and my reasons for letting go for so long:

1. A huge case of writer’s block: I had multiple bouts of creativity throughout the year, but none strong enough to come up with a solid idea or post. Instead of pushing through it in the hope of creativity, I ignored it and kept saying “oh maybe tomorrow I’ll have a better idea.” No. This is false. Tomorrow did not have a better idea. I probably could have had some pretty decent posts if I’d just taken the time to work through it.
So my new goal for this condition will be to just write every time I start to feel inspired. I have a new journal that my ideas will filter into!

2. What do I even have to write about? The answer: anything and everything. In my future posts you will find my questions about the world, my observations, my beliefs, or maybe just a post about a great day or a wonderful experience. Expect any possibility.

3. A goal of mine is to try and post twice a month, for now. I’m trying to balance school, work, volunteering, friends, and family– like most of us. So I do need to give those things priority over this,  a twice a month goal isn’t asking too much but is still keeping me accountable.

4. I want to give anybody who does read this (so the five of you) to be willing to send me ideas if there is something you want to see. That is not a promise it will be published, but it means that there is a possibility.I want the people who do take a little slice of their day to share with my nutcase brain to know that I do truly appreciate the time and the fact that they even give an inkling about it. If there’s something you want to see, tell me! (This includes critiques *cringe* and recommendations for improvements!)

5. What if people don’t like my posts? Answer: Who the heckski cares. I write for me to be happy with what I have to say.


Well, I think that covers most of it. Until next time then, my dears!