Breaking Up with 2014

Dear 2014,

I guess this is where we say goodbye? I would like to say that I’ll miss you, and I might feel a slight tinge of nostalgia at some point, but as of right now I’m excited to see us part. You were the craziest, most emotional, oddest, and probably one of the most stressful years of my life. You were the kind of year that made my scale tip toward the low instead of the high. But I, being the person I am, would like to thank you for the lessons that you have taught me. What is hardship if we can’t learn from it?

So, without further ado:

-Thank you for teaching me how to let go of previous ignorance. You’ve taught me more about feminism, mental illness, race, sexuality, religion, and my beliefs in one year than I have in my whole life. I am proud of my beliefs. Thank you for making me desire change.

-Thank you for showing me that true friends are the kind of people who want you to see your true colors. I’ve always had a lot of friends, but that often means I get stuck in the superficial parts of things. You made me feel alone a lot of the time, majority of it due to isolation on my own part. But throughout it all I’ve ended up with close friends who are constantly believing in me. Never before have I heard so many truthful “I’m proud of you’s”.  Thank you for giving me these people, and keeping them in my life.

-Thank you for proving to me that a hug from my mom, even if it’s through the phone, can be the perfect cure for a really hard day.

-Thank you for letting me be an emotional wreck for so long. I’ve become so much more comfortable with how my body reacts to things. If I need to cry, I’ve cried. All there’s left to do after that is wipe away the tears and move forward.

-Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward.

-Thank you for making my sister so amazing. Sure, you were awful to her at points too, but overall you’ve given her so much. She’s spectacular. In the sixteenth year of her life I’ve seen her become such a fantastic young woman and I couldn’t be more excited to see what comes next.

-Thank you for helping my family in general. You brought children to my mom’s care, you gave my dad a calling, you displayed my sister’s passions. For that, I will be grateful, despite your unhelpful acts as well.

-Thank you for finally bringing to light that failure and pain can be some of the best things to happen. Failure showed me humility and hope. Pain gave me love and recuperation. Thank you for the near-disasters.

-Thank you for the concerts. Those were awesome.

-Thank you for all the adventures I went on.

-Thank you for ultimately teaching me more about myself than I have ever known.


I hope you can accept all my gratitude toward you. Maybe you’re not all that bad. Nevertheless, I’m leaving you for 2015. More to discover, more to learn, and more chances to make the scale tip toward the good. And as you know, 2015 will have Friends on Netflix, so that automatically makes him better.

Sorry not sorry,